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escorts in Holiday Inn suites Lahore

If you are a lady and planning to have your wedding in a hotel, and want to be escorted by a male escort to your venue, the Holiday Inn Suites Lahore is the right place. This hotel is located at the helm of hotels, and is renowned for its royal class. There are plenty of benefits that come with staying in this hotel. For example, there are several restaurants within the hotel premises, where you can have delicious cuisines.

In addition, the suites have facilities like mini bars, telephones and direct dialing telephones. A separate bathroom is also available in some of the suites. The bar attendants are extremely courteous and attentive. You would feel comfortable spending hours here, discussing the various things happening around.

There is an old lighthouse on the shore opposite the Suites. It is a great attraction for youngsters. There is no entry fee for the adults, and the kids too have their own safe play area. The suites have separate lounges, so that your children can enjoy some quiet moments.

There is a fitness club attached to the building. You would find many fitness experts inside the gym. There are lovely swimming pools, where you can take your swimsuits. The fitness trainer will show you how to get fit easily. You can have a tour of the facility, and would be able to select your own workout equipment.

The hotel reception is grand, and the rooms have all the luxuries of the rooms in the five star hotels. The suites are well furnished, and the staff will take care of your needs. There are several activities hosted here, like theatre events and film screenings. There is a pool in the hotel, where you can indulge in water-skiing and other water games. The hotel offers a bar with live music on weekdays.

The Holiday Inn Suites Lahore has its own restaurant. The restaurant offers delicious food, and you would be able to select your choice of cuisine. It is possible to reserve a table in the restaurant, and enjoy the exquisite dining experience. The hotel also has a spa centre, where you can treat yourself to some massages, and relaxation therapies.

The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool, where you can frolic in the summer. Several activities are organized here, to ensure that you do not find any boredom in the hotel. The holiday inn offers packages for honeymooners, and offers exciting packages for couples. Some of these packages include spectacular packages, such as a stay in a private villa, along with all the accompanying leisure activities such as tennis, badminton, billiards, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned activities, the hotel also offers adventure packages for kids. The adventurous packages may include rock climbing, mountain biking, and white water rafting. However, it is best to confirm your booking in advance, to avoid disappointment. There are various travel websites that offer holiday inn packages at good discounts, if you want to make a booking in advance.

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